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Huawei certifies new routers with upto 100W of power supply



A range of new Huawei home routers has recently completed China Compulsory Certificate (3C). According to the information, these routers have model numbers including WS8000, WS8006, WS7000, WS7002, and more.

Among these models, the WS8000 series has a 52.5V, 1.75A power adapter with a power output of up to 91W compared to the current-gen router with 12V and 1-2A which outputs at up to 24W supply.

According to a Weibo tipster, Huawei will focus on three routers in 2021 including the WS8501, WS8000, and WS7290. This product lineup has a simple appearance and expected to come with a built-in antenna design and a logo of Wi-Fi 6+ can be seen on the devices themselves.

The tipster also suggested that the WS8501 could use over 100W of supply and has an 8 network mode interface. Still, Huawei has not announced an official date to make these routers available in the market but it’ll come sooner or later.

Huawei’s latest power modem router product is Q2S. This product adopts the design of a sub-master machine The product on the left in the figure below is the main route, which can drive up to 15 sub-routes.

The sub-router on the right is directly plugged into the 220V power socket. This solution eliminates the need to arrange network cables and uses 220V mains power for signal transmission, which facilitates the network layout of duplex buildings and seamless roaming and switching.

The Huawei router Q2S is currently priced at 539 yuan in China for a one-child and one-female combination and only supports 802.11 ac 5GHz signals. The new product Q3 is expected to support WiFi 6, and the wireless signal is expected to be greatly improved.

(via – Ithome)

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