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Huawei CEO shares HarmonyOS 3.0 mobile features and improvements



huawei ceo harmonyos 3.0

HarmonyOS 3.0 for smartphones will launch on July 27 and ahead of that Huawei CEO of Consumer Business Group and Smart Car Division, Yu Chengdong has shared HarmonyOS 3.0 features and improvements.

According to Huawei CEO, the HarmonyOS 3.0 will come with new improvements and addition over the past version. These include the new service widgets, smart folders, and other functionalities. There are more widgets that

have been added, better app snippets, and a series of different sizes for app home screen widgets. The Huawei consumer business chief mentioned that these along with other HarmonyOS core features will evolve with version 3.0.

That’s not it, Yu also revealed the user interface and changes made to the home screen ahead of the official unveiling, and the features that he was talking about.

“Many Huawei users are particularly fond of HarmonyOS’s unique Service Widgets, smart folders, and other features. On HarmonyOS 3. These familiar, convenient features will evolve again. Whether combining widgets, stacking, or supporting more sizes of smart folders, it will bring you a more free and efficient experience. Today, I share the mobile home screen of a smartphone and reveal the new design of HarmonyOS 3 to everyone in advance. The official version will be released on July 27, so stay tuned!” wrote YU.

huawei ceo harmonyos 3.0

HarmonyOS 3.0 has been announced to be the most advanced HarmonyOS software version, since the last two versions. This new operating system will further enhance the use case of smart devices and bring a new system performance. The company has also focused on the security and privacy aspects of this Huawei software and brought it forth for the consumers on July 27.

Previously, Yu mentioned that since its launch three years ago, HarmonyOS has been continuously improving and bringing new features and improvements for the consumers. The operating system has also became the wrold’s fastest growing smart device software.

Features such as Super Device allows you to connect and collaborate with other smart device. Not only that, you can also control those devices with your smartphone. On the other hand, atomic service allows you to share the on screen content with other HarmonyOS powered devices at an instant.

Yu emphasis that the next version of HarmonyOS will impress the user and consumers can look forward towards the upgrade program, which may kick off on the same day as the official launch.

(source – Weibo)

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