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Huawei Celia Keyboard beta adds enter to send the message feature



Huawei celia keyboard

Huawei has launched Celia Keyboard for its smartphone and now added enter to send a message for social messaging apps including WeChat and QQ in China.

According to the information, Huawei Celia Keyboard for tap to enter to send a message feature comes with app version Since, these apps aren’t available in the global market, we may not see it rolling out.

After this update, the Celia Keyboard will enable this feature of WeChat and QQ to press the enter key to send messages. Complaints and reporting portals for quotations, emoticons, skins, have been added. Newly added pinyin input during the upward sliding number without interrupting the input; associative word engine optimization, etc.

Below you can check the complete changelog:

  • Add WeChat, QQ Enter key to send messages feature
  • Added complaint reporting portals for quotations, emoticons, skins, etc. in the mall
  • During the new Sogou input process, sliding up the number does not interrupt the input
  • Associative word engine optimization
  • Bug fixes

Huawei celia keyboard

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