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Huawei Books will soon launch new voice reader



Huawei book new voice

Huawei Books is an application for book lovers and online readers, to add some new flavors, Huawei will soon launch a new male voice reader for users.

According to the information, this new voice for the Huawei Books app supports a soothing rhythm, gentle timbre, and simulation effect with an elegant tone. That’s what the description says.

With this new addition, you will be able to listen to your favorite audiobooks with a brand-new user experience. Huawei has also shared some samples of the voice’s upcoming tone but we can’t access them and share them.

As for now, Huawei Books now supports 11 types of emotional listening user experiences. There are a specific set of features that allows you to enter into listening mode after you start the app or began to read a book.

There is the feature of customized voice listening feature that lets you improve the overall reading experience better. You also chose to record audio.

Huawei Books has a big collection, which includes over 2.2 million high-quality books and audiobook content. The app allows you to surf through and check various of content onboard with various sorting options. It also allows you to read books in different languages, easy annotation, classification, multi-device reading, and more.

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