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Huawei Books app gets new version 



Huawei Books

Now it’s time to boost up your Huawei Books application with the new version update. However, your Books app is currently running over June 2022 outdated version.

Huawei retrieve the Huawei Books upgraded version to orient it’s ideal working that gives a fresh start. Also, it provides knowledge of the outside world, improves reading, and speaking skills also boosts your memory and intelligence.

While talking about what’s new in the new version of Books, then it is packed with some general bug fixes and improved usability. Notably, there are no specific changes mentioned in the changelog.

You can install Huawei Books version lifting 46.55 MB of installation weight. With the hefty update weight, we can assume that the update made so many changes in terms of improvements.

We recommend you download and install it in hurry through the AppGallery or directly grab it via the third-party source

  • Huawei Books app9.1.23.300 version: APKMirror.

Huawei Books

Huawei Books App:

The Huawei Books app provides some free content to read books, play audiobooks, and download content to your local bookshelf during the free trial period. When your free trial ends, you will need to pay for certain content within the app. On the other hand, if you need access to paid content, you must purchase it.

How to log in to Huawei Books with Huawei ID:

In any payable application, it’s essential to sign up, likewise, the Huawei Books app is also important to log in to purchase books. However, you need to log in to Huawei Books with your Huawei ID to purchase books. If you do not have a Huawei ID yet, then

  • Launch the Me option
  • Click the Huawei ID
  • Login at the top of the screen to register your Huawei ID

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