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Huawei began fixing Pura 70 Ultra heating issue with important EMUI patch



Huawei Pura 70 Ultra heating issue patch

Huawei is releasing a new EMUI patch update to treat the heating issue of Pura 70 Ultra models. This is a significant rollout as it fixes some nasty system glitches and overheating problems of the device, making it more reliable for users.

Pura 70 series has already fetched the camera improvements firmware. It improves certain shooting modes and the optical framework’s stability. At the same time, the update also brings the May 2024 security patch to erase internal vulnerabilities.

But later, some Pura 70 Ultra users reported excessive overheating issues while using the smartphone. Even with normal operations, the device starts heating quickly.

To fix this heating issue, Huawei is sending an important EMUI system patch for Pura 70 Ultra models. The additional patch is arriving right after the EMUI update and carries the same version with a different package size (2.61MB).


  • This update fixes the issue where the device overheats in certain scenarios.
Huawei Pura 70 Ultra heating issue patch

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra receives new system patch to fix heat issue patch (Image Credits: HuaweiBlog)

Other than this, the system patch doesn’t include extra changes. Yet you may observe a more stable and glitch-free experience after installing the newest update.

Apart from the Ultra handsets, the new system patch is also available for other Pura 70 models. Hence if you have been dealing with any such bug, you can install the latest improvement patch as it appears on the phone screen.

You can also check for this small update via Settings > System and Updates > Software Updates. Now let the device search for the latest build available on the server. Once visible on the screen, hit the Download and Install tab.

(Source – HuaweiBlog)

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