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Huawei becomes first member of China CFITI computing open laboratory



Huawei China CFITI computing

Recently, Huawei has become the first China CFITI intelligent computing open laboratory member. The new laboratory took shape under the China Mobile Research Institute. Several prominent leaders and executives of Huawei and China Research Institute attended the inauguration event of the laboratory.

In the current scenarios, computing technology is playing a vital role in the core development of the digital economy. And for speeding up this growth, China Mobile Research Institute has proposed the CFITI (CFN Innovative Test Infrastructure) computing laboratory with Huawei as the first member.

The President of Huawei Computing products – Deng Taihua and the Deputy General Manager of China Mobile disclosed the CFITI lab. Besides, various other leaders joined this procedure, making the event a moment of great zeal.

China Mobile Research brought this idea in July this year. Consequently, the main purpose of CFITI is to accelerate the development of the Chinese computing power network on a large scientific scale. Further, it will also look at the four major positioning of new technologies.

For instance, experimental bed, national demonstration base, industry aggregation, and new business incubator. Together, these aspects form an AB dual-plane layout and 1+9+9 Node plan which will eventually help the computing network infrastructure, integrated business innovation, and leading original technologies.

Huawei China CFITI computing

Huawei – the first member of the CFITI laboratory

Being a regional company with AI full-stack devices and technologies, Huawei has profound knowledge in hardware, software, operators, models, and infrastructure. Hence, the China institute has chosen the OEM as the first member of the CFITI.

As a result, the Chinese manufacturer will help in relieving the distress points of AI applications. Also, it will power up the computing facilities, and elevate the ecological prosperity in the domestic intelligent computing laboratory. On the other hand, it will work with China Mobile Research to hype the computing and technological field.

Apart from Huawei, China Mobile Research also fosters other industrial partners to join the all-new intelligent computing lab and discover new ways of using technology. These mini-steps will bring significant change with ultimate growth in the digital economy.


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