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Huawei-BAIC allegedly plans to sell 120000 STELATO S9 units per year



Huawei STELATO S9 120000 units

Huawei and BAIC are reportedly planning to sell around 120000 units of STELATO S9 SUV. The company will execute this idea from next year. If true, the ultimate electric vehicle may give a tough fight to its competitors like the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

An internal document by BAIC shows that the company and Huawei plan to deliver at least 120000 units of STELATO S9 per year. The model could be available at a starting price of $77K (450,000 yuan to 550,000 yuan).

The mass production of the electric sedan will likely begin by the end of this year (December 2024). Before that, the Chinese firms wanted to unveil the pricing to check on users’ feedback and their suggestions regarding the new EV.

This will eventually give an idea about the demand for the high-end car, preventing any loss. Although both Huawei and BAIC seem to be confident about their new brand’s hype and their success in the Chinese automobile market.

STELATO S9 launched in May this year. Huawei Consumer Business Group’s Chairman – Yu Chengdong said that the sedan will step into stores starting July 08, 2024.

Huawei STELATO S9 120000 units

Huawei-BAIC STELATO S9 will be available in stores on July 08 (Image Credits: Weibo)

Huawei flagship stores and HIMA (Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance) stores would be the first to showcase and initiate the purchasing purposes of the new smart car.

The electric sedan is built on the BAIC BE22 modular framework. It further measures 5160 x 1987 x 1486 mm with a wheelbase of 3050mm. It’s slightly shorter but wider than the Mercedes-Benz EQS as well as comes in a four-seater structure.

Huawei and BAIC are allegedly developing two more cars under the newly-launched brand. One of them is a station wagon while the other aims to step into the overseas market. It would be worth seeing what solutions Huawei will integrate into new models.

Huawei STELATO S9 120000 units

Huawei-BAIC STELATO S9 electric sedan (Image Credits: Weibo)


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