Huawei awaits for an official statement on the continues use of Android

The U.S. president said previously that Huawei can resume its business with technology firms, but the company is still waiting for an official sign from the commerce department, which imposed the trade restriction on Huawei.

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“We acknowledge President Trump’s comments related to Huawei over the weekend and will wait for guidance from the Department of Commerce but have nothing further to add at this time,” said Tim Danks, Huawei vice president of risk management and partner relations, in response to a reporter’s question about its access to the Android operating system, reported Reuters.

In May, the U.S. Department of Commerce added trade restriction on Huawei, barring the world’s largest telecom manufacturer from purchasing components and software services from the U.S. firms.

Last week, Trump announced ease in trade restriction over Huawei, in which the company can again access the US technologies including both software and hardware components.

But the Department of Commerce is yet to clarify the situation and Huawei is still waiting for the green flag to resume the continues access to Android OS and services are currently being served under the 90 days reprieved.



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