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Huawei Auto chief explains logo removal from car brands



Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Yu Chengdong

Recently, media and netizens took strong note of Huawei branding with several car makers in China. Afterward, the company started the removal of the Huawei Logo, which is now explained by the Huawei smart car business chief.

At the 2023 China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of Smart Device BG, and CEO of Smart Car Solution BU, responded to the issue of “removing all Huawei logos from car brands”.

Yu Chengdong explained that this year, the Huawei car partner companies are upgrading to high-level autonomous driving.

If each car has an independent brand, it will be very difficult in terms of marketing. That’s why, Huawei hopes to indulge in ecosystem brands and common elements that reflect the same rhythm.

“Originally we hoped to use Wenjie as a cross-border cooperation brand and added ‘Huawei’ in front of it, but in the past two days, the company issued another regulation to remove ‘Huawei’, which caused a lot of speculation in the media,” said Yu Chengdong.

He further elaborated that Huawei has always insisted not to build cars, but to help car companies build good cars together.

“We have always adhered to this concept.” said Yu

The reason why it is called Huawei Wenjie is to become an ecological brand. It’s to prevent confusion among consumers.

Also, now the branding is produced by SERES and soon Chery, BAIC, and JAC will also produce cars with Huawei’s complete set of solutions.

To explain more, Yu said, If these car brands start to sell and use different logos. It will become very complicated for Huawei to do marketing, service, and retail, and the investment cost will be high.

Interestingly, Yu Chengdong also shared that there is a difference in opinion among Huawei leaders. So the management issued a document to separate ‘Huawei’ from car brands. However, the relationship with partners remains unchanged.

The Huawei smart car chief concluded his speech by saying that some make SUVs, some make sedans, some make MPVs, some make B+ class cars, some make C-class cars, and some make D-class cars.

The products produced by each car company do not overlap. Huawei hopes that they can be combined to become a complete solution in a car series. We will make full use of the production capacity and resources of the car firm and will not waste resources repeatedly, and play a role together.

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