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Huawei announced four major changes MindSpore AI framework



Huawei MindSpore

Since March 2020, Huawei MindSpore is Huawei’s AI framework that has been open source. Recently, Huawei has hosted a Shengsi MindSpore Tech Day event between March 26 to March 27 and announced integration with HarmonyOS and EulerOS later this year.

During the event, Huawei announced the current progress of MindSpore and the next steps for developers. According to Huawei, the number of developers in the MindSpore community has exceeded 640,000 with 1500 core contributors and 740 external contributors.

As of March 2022, MindSpore community software downloads surpassed 1.4 million with more than 4000 community contributors, 5000+ services, and over 120 research institutions.

Most importantly, Shengsi MindSpore chief architect – Jin Xuefeng has disclosed that to enhance the capabilities of MindSpore, we have initiating four changes in the next step this year that are mentioned below.

  • Fully automatic parallel capabilities will be provided this year
  • New Al programming languages may be released this year
  • Ascension MindSpore will be integrated into HarmonyOS and Euler ecosystem to build an AI engine.
  • Improve the usability of synthetic MindSpore

Huawei MindSpore

In detail:

  • On the basis of manual programming and semi-automatic programming, fully automatic parallel capabilities will be provided this year. Engineers only need to write programs like a stand-alone method. Synthetic MindSpore can realize fully automatic parallel deployment and operation.

  • New AI programming languages ​​may be released this year. The programming language is currently in beta testing. As for when it will be released, Jin Xuefeng said that it is not in a hurry, and it will be released after the performance and ease of use of the programming language meet certain requirements. The time point should be completed within this year.

  • Ascension MindSpore will integrate into the HarmonyOS and Euler ecosystems this year as a built-in AI engine. “In Huawei’s digital base system, Hongmeng is the base of the entire terminal, Euler is the base of the entire ICT, and the integration of Shengsi MindSpore will truly integrate the end, edge, and cloud. Huawei will release ‘AI + scientific computing’ + Data Analytics’ converged solution.”

  • Improve the usability of Synthetic MindSpore. Ease of use will be the top priority this year, and operators and APIs will be popularized from version 1.8 to increase usability.

(Via: ithome)

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