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Huawei and Zain KSA deploy third-gen 5G RAN MetaAAU product



Huawei 5G RAN MetaAAU

Today, Huawei and Zain KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) jointly deployed the third-generation 5G RAN MetaAAU product. Eventually, this build-up will help the operators in the region to expand the 5G coverage on a large scale.

Speaking of the Zain KSA, it is high-end cooperation of Saudi Arabia. It is working on a 5G customer base to become a one-stop digital partner and business technology provider in the country. However, such huge projects often require strong support.

Hence, Zain KSA associated with Huawei for deploying the 5G RAN MetaAAU carrier in the area. Ultimately, this will provide more capacity to 5G users in terms of cloud computing, IoT, AI, and machine learning solutions.

Alongside, MetaAAU integration will enable a wide range of services after extending coverage and will dynamically increase the network speed. Zain KSA enormously believes that the new upgrade in the form of a 5G RAN carrier will serve world-class 5G experiences.

Moreover, this will help in fulfilling the future goals of transforming the Kingdom into a digital economy hub. Along with enhanced and improved consumer experiences, it will also prove a boon in the e-commerce and business sectors.

Huawei 5G RAN MetaAAU

Huawei 5G RAN MetaAAU

Solely talking about the MetaAAU, it’s the latest and one of the most advanced products of the Huawei RAN (Radio Access Network) product series. It delivers the best performance with the lowest power consumption by applying several innovative algorithms.

The President of Huawei 5G Product Line, Ritchie Peng expresses how MetaAAU will be a boon for Zain KSA in the following words:

“Huawei has made deep efforts in Massive MIMO technology. MetaAAU is our third-generation Massive MIMO product and a major product in Huawei’s third-generation 5G RAN series. Its extremely large antenna array technology makes it possible to use higher frequency bands. As well as the higher bandwidth to serve the mobile industry in the future. We will continue to provide innovative solutions to help Zain KSA to build the leading performance network and provide a better user experience to end users.”


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