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Huawei and IUCN exploring new technologies for nature conservation



Huawei IUCN technologies nature

On the occasion of World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June, Huawei, IUCN and some other global partners have decided to discover more new technologies for the sustainable development of nature.

Among the conservation project partners, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Huawei, and a few other members tied up a knot in developing such technologies that could increase the conservation in the industrial sector for a Better Planet summit.

Tech for Better Planet summit

Both the partners conducted a “Tech for Better Planet” summit via online medium. Consequently, the main aim of this summit was to illustrate the role of technology in the protection of nature. Besides, they explained how technology could help in improving the results for safeguarding nature.

Further, the upcoming automation is all set to serve as a vital player in environmental protection. Thus, digital stuff plays a significant role in the preservationof Mother Earth.

Huawei IUCN technologies nature

More thoughts over the summit

The Director of the Board and Director of the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee for Huawei, Tao Jingwen, expressed his thoughts on the new initiative:

“We believe that digital technology is a key enabler of environmental protection. All sectors of society should work together within an open and collaborative market environment to apply technological innovations to industries and transform new technologies into solutions and services that can help build a green planet.”

So far, Huawei took several steps for the benefit of the environment. Promoting green development, integrating power electronics and digital techs for renewable energy, developing technology solutions, and more.

Currently, the Chinese firm shook its hands with IUCN for the Tech4Nature project. As a result, the ICT sectors would be able to realize the power of using the technology appropriately.

You can read more about the Tech4Nature project HERE.


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