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Huawei and iFlytek sign cooperation to enhance music ecosystem



Huawei iFlytek music ecosystem

Huawei Music and iFlytek have inked an in-depth cooperation to boost the music ecosystem for mobile phones with AI integration. The signing ceremony took place during the HDC 2024 conference in the presence of various senior executives.

iFlytek is a Chinese information technology company that focuses on AI and cutting-edge speech mechanisms. With Huawei, iFlytek aims to build a strong artificial intelligence ecosystem and make AI a valuable asset to life, business, as well as society.

As of now, Huawei Music and iFlytek initiated an in-depth cooperation to create a new HarmonyOS-based music ecosystem. Here both parties will work to improve the existing music content, its distribution, artists contribution, and AI ringtone creation.

Consumers can expect to see immersive upgrades in the field of music and exciting ringtones for their Huawei handsets in the time ahead. The Music app may get significant features to optimize the song-listening experience to a greater extent.

The President of Huawei Device Cloud Service Interactive Media BU – Wu Hao says that both firms will constantly work together to create better facilities and spatial audio creations based on the Audio Vivid audio codec standard.

Audio Vivid codec is an audio coding standard that uses AI technology to address 3D audio compressive problems to provide an immersive audio experience.

Huawei iFlytek music ecosystem

Huawei Music and iFlytek signs in-depth cooperation (Image Credits: Huawei)

The Director of iFlytek Music – Guo Jia also shed light on the cooperation between Huawei and iFlytek for several business sectors. He added the following words:

“Looking to the future, the two parties will release higher quality music content to the music market through music copyright cooperation.” said Guo Jia.

It’s not the first time that iFlytek and Huawei have collaborated for business purposes. The former worked with the latter over large AI model architecture.

During an event, iFlytek declared the release of an independent large-scale model based on Huawei Ascend ecosystem. This product benchmarked against ChatGPT-4 and catches up with the GPT 3.5 accuracy.

Now it’s time to renovate the Music field. It would be worth seeing what changes both companies will make to the Huawei Music app and related services.


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