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Huawei and IDC collaboratively release all flash data center white paper



Huawei Data Center White Paper release

Huawei and IDC collaboratively release the all-flash data center white paper at the Huawei Financial Innovation Infrastructure Summit on 22nd July. It’s the first white paper to jointly define storage, computing, and networking technology.

Nowadays, when digital application implementation expanding its areas, all-flash data centers have come into acknowledgment in the industry. Besides, it’s a future-orientated technology, which is begun to expand its limits.

All-flash Data Center White Paper Launch:

The data centers are one of the seven major key factors of the global transformation. Thus, it became essential to accelerate the unfolding of the future intelligent era and the development of data centers.

Simultaneously, it covers the IT architecture, data innovation, real-time agility, green energy saving, safety, reliability, and intelligent supervision technologies.

The following authorities from both firms were participated in the event and launch the white paper.

  • Huang Tao- President of Huawei Enterprise Storage
  • Kang Xiaoyu- President of Huawei Data Storage and Machine Vision China,
  • Chen Hao- Huawei’s China Government and Enterprise CMO
  • IDC’s China Enterprise Research Department Research Manager Index

Huawei Data Center White Paper release

White Paper: A new definition of All-flash Data Centers

The white paper defines that the data centers with 90% storage capacity required solid-state drives consisting of external and server storage. Additionally, it has to meet the high density and reliability, Low latency and energy consumption, and other characteristics that can integrate the core business and applications in the industry.

Furthermore, with the help of global finance expertise, operators, medical and other associated industries, this white paper can gradually achieve its positioning as the future-oriented all-flash data center.

At the same time, the all-IP data center network, intelligent operation, and maintenance administration consistently developing. At this rate, the all-flash data center will efficiently lessen the space and energy consumption, and help industries to realize the social value of energy-saving and emission mitigation.

We can the following improvements and modifications with the development of the data centers-

  • It will not be limited to specific applications and workloads instead cover services and value-added services
  • It helps to achieve green energy conservation and energy efficiency. Continuous development
  • It will work in the development of NVMe over Fabrics
  • It’ll load provides low latency and a high degree of data concurrency
  •  It’ll implement the cross-domain deployment, reduce the complexity and cost of data center management

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