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Huawei and Google reportedly working together to overcome the current situation



Huawei and Google have been working together for a long time until the US imposed business restrictions on Huawei and prohibited Google from sending software support to the company but now a new report hints that both companies are working together to overcome from this current crisis.

Google will provide software updates to existing Huawei devices for the next 90 days

According to Reuters, Huawei EU chief, Abraham Liu, said on Tuesday on Tuesday that the company is working with Google in response to trade restrictions imposed by the US.

“They (Google) have zero motivation to block us. We are working closely with Google to find out how Huawei can handle the situation and the impact from the U.S. Department of Commerce decision,” he said.

The EU chief told that we don’t have any reason to blame Google for its decision and it is too early to say what the consequences of this ban will be.

“Huawei is becoming the victim of the bullying by the U.S. administration. This is not just an attack against Huawei. It is an attack on the liberal, rules-based order,” Liu added.

Last week, The US Commerce Department added Huawei into the trade blacklist and imposed restrictions that’ll make it very difficult for the company to do business with American firms. Moreover, the company will now require a license to do business in the country which will likely to be denied.

Following the US Commerce Department, Google also suspended its business with Huawei and canceled sharing hardware, software, and its services except for the ones with open source license.

Later on, the US eased its restriction on Huawei and provided a temporary license for 90 days to manage the business with its existing users. The US Commerce Department said it will evaluate whether to continue the exemptions beyond 90 days.

This new exemption on Huawei allows Google to send software updates to Huawei phones including monthly security patches for the above-mentioned timespan.

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