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Huawei and China Unicom conducted first 5G-A rural live broadcast trial



Huawei 5G-A live broadcast trial

China Unicom and Huawei have recently organized the first 5G-A rural live broadcast trial in Guangzhou city and obtained impressive results. The company initiated this testing at the 5G New Lychee Volume fest in the Zengcheng district.

Huawei has been experimenting with its 5G-A network technology for a long time. The Chinese OEM carried out verification trials in many cities in China. But this is the first time that Huawei made a 5G-A rural live broadcast trial in the region.

The results were in line with expectations and exceeded an uplink rate of 500Mbps. Apart from testing, some live broadcast staff members also tried the 5G-A network and used it to promote the lychee brand at the event. It seemed helpful for product sales.

Staff members used a 5G live broadcast card that eventually helped with the requirements of ultra-high uplink bandwidth for live shows. It promises an efficient experience depending upon the different scenarios for live broadcast users.

Huawei 5G-A live broadcast trial

Huawei completes 5G-A live broadcast trial (Image Credits: Huawei Carrier)

The respective card also ensures low lags, and high definition, as well as large traffic for live shows and reports. Up to this point, it has served over 3 million users in the fields of agriculture, tourism, clothing, e-sports games, and more.

Huawei and China Unicom say that they will continue to contribute to the 5G-A network technologies to provide a higher video live stream. This technological solution will further aid with a 50% traffic increase and a 4-fold boost in uplink speed.

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