Huawei and China Unicom are working with Gree Switch network

There is no doubt that Huawei provides powerful 5G network technology solutions and also helps other fellow firms with its solutions. In this line, Huawei has worked with Lao Telecom, China Academy, Hebei, and many other partners to installs 5G technology solutions in China and around the world.

Now, according to the latest news, Huawei and China Unicom are jointly working with Gree Switch Electric Network Group to install the 5G hard slice private network transformation project at Gree Electric Group’s work station. This project has been completed successfully delivering the first domestic 5G end-to-end hard slice private network.

In comparison with the old network web, this recently installed 5G hard slice carries through an isolated wireless network web, which sends core network end-to-end network resources at a high speed indicating that it’s prepared to take action. This solution has realized the delay of 20ms to 9ms than the previous one.

In this project, Huawei used the 5G+MEC edge cloud+slicing to enables cloud computing proficiency and IT services. The project also covers the entire park with the private network overall plan, which achieves physical isolation of industrial services and public user services and meets the requirements of business commercialization.

To be mentioned, last month Huawei and China Unicom jointly won the Excellent Case Award for the “China Unicom 5G MEC Edge Cloud Platform Architecture and Commercial Practice” at China Cloud Network Conference 2021 held in Beijing.





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