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Huawei and Beijing Unicom completed formation of first 1000-station MetaAAU



Huawei Beijing Unicom MetaAAU

Finally, Huawei and Beijing Unicom have marked a full stop to their large-scale establishment – MetaAAU. This is the first third-generation AAU product of the Chinese manufacturer that mainly aims for the best network in the world.

Eventually, it is the largest network with thousands of stations across the globe. Besides, it is well-organized and consists of 5G efficiency to supply several digital villages, forming a strong network layout. In comparison to the second-gen AAU, it has more powerful components that will work in the favor of the company.

Huawei MetaAAU network architecture

The latest product of Huawei and Beijing Unicom – MetaAAU comprises a huge antenna array. Its channel beam is narrower and has more focused channel energy that can easily cover long distances. Apart from the internal parts, the cooperation has worked on improving the energy-saving function and network performance. Hence, they have implemented the advanced framework with integrating algorithms.

Consequently, these operations also fulfill the demands of the 5G facilities. For instance, large-spacing sites, gigabit user experience, and green and environment-friendly networks in rural areas by 2022.

Huawei Beijing Unicom MetaAAU

As of now, Beijing has completed the development of the network and has opened 1000 MetaAAU stations in Shunyi, Huairou, Pinggu, and other rural regions by the end of July, this year. In the meantime, MetaAAU will work on increasing the user traffic by 38%, gaining 37 percent of users in real-time.

On the flip side, it will push off the coverage area limit to 40%. Hence users will get a chance to experience the uplinks and downlink rates by a 10% of increment. Thereafter, the energy consumption will reduce to 5 percent.

Beijing Words over the innovation!

The head of the Beijing Unicom 5G Co-construction, and Sharing Working group, Fan Liquan said the following words:

“Quality comes first and experience is extraordinary. In the three years since 5G commercialization, Beijing Unicom has always been committed to building a world-class 5G network centered on user perception. I am very happy to see that MetaAAU the performance of the thousand-station scale on commercial networks will well support our strategic layout for digital villages. This is also a new key milestone for our 5G Capital project, marking our continuous exploration of multiple scenarios under large bandwidth, iteratively introducing the innovative technology of Massive MIMO, and ultimately providing users with the best 5G experience and the richest digital life by building a high-quality 5G network throughout the process.”

Overall, the new network innovation will ultimately prove the best creation for Huawei and Beijing. It is enlightenment as it will provide the users with one of the best networks in the world.


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