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Huawei allegedly testing in-display 3D face recognition, for Mate 70?



Huawei in-display 3D face recognition

Huawei could soon ditch the iconic ‘three punch holes’ design in favor of in-display 3D face recognition. A new piece of information implies that the company is testing an under-screen technology that might be used for future flagship smartphones.

Weibo tipster @SmartPikachu says that Huawei has started testing an in-display 3D face recognition. The development of the new tech is underway. But as per the newest leak, it won’t take much time to step into the mass production stage.

Being an advanced-level facial recognition method, the new tech will likely eliminate the need for a notch or three-punch-hole design from the Huawei phones’ screen.

It is unclear which device would be the first to use this under-display 3D facial recognition. If you’re guessing the Mate 70 series, then you may be wrong. An early input already claimed that the next Mate line could continue to use the triple front holes. Though it’s suspense if all models will use this design or not.

Another reason seems development. Mate 70 flagship could be pretty much ready by now, while Huawei has just started testing the under-display 3D facial recognition.

Huawei in-display 3D face recognition

Huawei allegedly testing in-display 3D face recognition (Image Credits: Weibo)

Perhaps the Chinese phone maker may try out this capability with the next Mate lineup – Mate 80 series! This further fits accurately with a previous report on this subject.

As per some early revelations, Huawei might complete the full in-display 3D facial recognition development by 2027. If not this long, we probably won’t see this new tech from Huawei at least this year. Hence, we can expect it with the Mate 80 series.

The Chinese OEM will likely clash with Apple in this game as both have been promoting this method for their devices for a long time.

Huawei could also use the P80 or Pura 80 series for this technology. Since the company launched the Pura 70 without any 3D facial recognition, we may find it in the next lineup in this category. Let’s just wait for Huawei to shed light on this subject in the time ahead.

Huawei in-display 3D face recognition

Huawei allegedly testing in-display 3D face recognition (Image Credits: Huawei)

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