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Huawei AITO M7 Ultra SUV unveiled with upgraded smart driving solutions



Huawei AITO M7 Ultra SUV

Huawei and SERES introduced the ultimate AITO M7 Ultra SUV version with a variety of eye-catching features and powerful capabilities. Both parties have high expectations with the newly launched smart vehicle in the Chinese automobile market.

AITO is a premium brand by SERES which has partnered with Huawei to fetch the advanced and most efficient smart car solutions. Both firms have brought in many creations like M5, M7, and AITO M9 smart car models for consumers so far.

As of now, Huawei and SERES launched the AITO M7 Ultra SUV with a bunch of upgraded functionalities. AITO firm expects a record of 20000 units shipment of the respective within this month, starting from June 02 (tomorrow) onwards.

Huawei AITO M7 Ultra SUV

Huawei AITO M7 Ultra unit shipment expected within this month (Image Credits: Huawei)


M7 Ultra variant is similar to the original smart car in terms of overall measurement as 5020 x 1945 x 1760mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm. It falls in the category of medium to large SUV with 5 exterior and 3 interior colors: Ice Crystal Blue, Space Gray, Sky Blue, Interstellar Blue, and Glided Black.

AITO M7 Ultra uses CDC damping shock absorbers and an upgraded ADS 2.0 solution, enhancing the overall driving and safety aspects. It uses a 192-line LiDAR for quick scanning of objects. You can learn more about this feature HERE.

Huawei AITO M7 Ultra SUV

AITO M7 Ultra design (Image Credits: Huawei)

Huawei has also added the capability of upgrading the car to an ADS 3.0 car solution and above versions. The internal part also includes HUD tech, a headrest speaker for the driver, suction doors, a crystal gear level, a panoramic sunroof, and more.

AITO M7 Ultra solutions (Image Credits: Huawei)

The seats in the smart car are now more comfortable compared to the previous version and you can easily convert it into double beach chair mode. For power, the device uses an extended-range system with 1.5T as well as a Huawei drive motor.

Huawei has also integrated the MagicLink facility that enables passenger to attach their tablet or smartphone to the car’s seat at their convenience. You can now go hands-free with this feature.

AITO M7 Ultra feature (Image Credits: Huawei)

When combined, it offers you two-wheel and four-wheel drive options where the second one can speed up from 0 to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds. It equips a ternary lithium cell from CATL and provides a reliable driving experience to consumers.

AITO M7 Ultra solutions (Image Credits: Huawei)


  • AITO M7 UItra Intelligent Driving with large five-seater = 289,800 yuan
  • AITO M7 UItra Intelligent Driving with six-seater = 309,800 yuan
  • AITO M7 UItra 4WD Smart Driving with large 5-seater = 309,800 yuan
  • AITO M7 UItra four-wheel drive with six seats = 329,800 yuan
Huawei AITO M7 Ultra SUV

AITO M7 Ultra price (Image Credits: Huawei)

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