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Huawei aims big for new foldable phones in 2023



Huawei Mate Xs 2 foldable phone

Huawei is planning a big shipment for the next foldable Mate X3 and Pocket flip-style phones, which aims to ship at least a million devices in 2023 and it’s an amazing mark to fill.

Digitimes reports that Huawei is preparing for the launch of its new X series foldable phones that will start with a million count in shipments in 2023, twice as compared to last year in the first half.

Huawei will mass produce this new device in March and it is coming from the Mate X series. We can predict that this is highly likely the new Mate X3. The specs of the device hint that the phone will be thick as an iPhone once folded.

It’s believed that the company is preparing to launch this new foldable device by the end of March or the beginning of the second quarter. The number speaks that Huawei plans to start with 1.47 million units of Mate X3 for preliminary mass production.

However, the plan could be adjusted according to the market trends and more units could be ordered for production.

Aside from the first half, Huawei also has plans for the second half of this year, as the company has scheduled a new Pocket phone for later in 2023 to grab new customers in the segment.

Data released by CINNO research reveals that Huawei shipped around 1.44 million units of foldable display devices. The Chinese tech maker completed this task with a sales growth rate of 132% year over year with over half of the Chinese foldable device market share.

This achievement has been accomplished with the combined sales of P50 Pocket, Pocket S, Mate Xs, and Mate X2 devices. This is a massive cadre of smartphones that Huawei has launched over the past two years and continues to rise in Huawei’s strength among consumers because of its features and capabilities.

We’re excited about these amazing releases and will keep you posted with further details. Until then read the article linked below.

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