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Huawei adds Chinese navigation feature to Petal Maps app



Huawei Petal Maps Chinese navigation

Huawei is initiating some new tick-tacks on its well-known digital map application. In the latest development, the company has started beta-testing of an advanced Chinese navigation feature for Huawei Petal Maps.

The Chinese tech maker continues to add new features to its app and services. Consequently, these additions improve the overall functioning of the application and offer a responsive and efficient experience to users.

To begin the new additions, the company has selected its map application this time. Accordingly, Huawei has started the beta testing of the Chinese navigation feature for Petal Maps with the (002) version.

Previously, it was reported that Petal Maps will bring new features with Mate 50 series. The feature list has also included the Chinese navigation and other details. Alternatively, it was rolling out with the build.

However, due to some unknown bugs, the app was only able to showcase the regional data and didn’t respond to the navigation feature. On the other hand, a few users were not even able to get the appropriate region information.

Hence, with a restart, the company has triggered beta testing for the respective navigation feature. This indicates that soon users will have a more functional and suitable navigation method in their hands.

Huawei Petal Maps: Other Exceptional features

Apart from the Chinese navigation feature, Petal Maps consists of multiple beneficial tweaks. The application supports more than 160 regions across the globe and delivers a smooth and productive driving experience.

Besides, one can also find finer map positioning, map display, driving navigation, real-time road conditions, and more. And let’s not forget that the application is not limited only to your smartphone but also takes place in smart vehicles.

Speaking of the Chinese navigation feature, there are chances that this brilliant addition will count more new regions to the list. As a result, it would become much easier for users to travel to several locations with effective navigation.

Huawei Petal Maps Chinese navigation


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