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Huawei achieves record speed of 3.67Gbps on commercial 5G network in Switzerland



Huawei with Swiss telecom Sunrise announced that they’ve achieved a record-breaking download speed of 3.67 gigabits per second (Gbps) on a commercial 5G network in Zurich, Switzerland.

Huawei achieved 3.67Gbps downlink using 100MHz of “C-Band” spectrum, a radio frequency range spanning 4GHz to 8GHz, as well as multi-user multi-antenna technologies and plug it into MU-MIMO technology, which substantially increases 5G capacity without additional requirement of spectrum and power resources.

Huawei says that this remarkable data transferring rate isn’t coming from a test lab and conducted on a live commercial network. Compared to Sunrise network, the 5G millimeter wave used in US commercial networks can top up to 2Gbps, while the independent tests have generally seen a low to mid 1Gbps at the highest.

Meanwhile, Sunrise has increased its partnership with Huawei, providing 5G in over 260 Swiss cities and villages including a promise to deliver a maximum 5G speed across the country to enable broadband internet, HD-TV, interactive gaming 5G services etc.

Before today’s test, Sunrise was offering peak speed of 2Gbps but after today, we can expect that the speedometer of 5G speed will increase as this technology become more mature.

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