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Huawei 5G RedCap will improve wearable, video surveillance, power production, and more



Huawei 5G RedCap

China Mobile Research Institute confirmed that China Mobile is partnering with Huawei, ZTE and other Chiense network equipment makers to complete the first batch of 5G RedCap (reduced capability) end-to-end lab testing and verification process in the country.

This laboratory test is based on 5G low frequency (700MHz) and intermediate frequency (2.6GHz), which effectively verifies the basic end-to-end functions and service performance of RedCap. It is an important milestone in the development of 5G RedCap and lay a solid foundation for such network technology.

This test verification covers key technologies and performance test cases such as RedCap’s user identification and access control, dedicated BWP-based resource control, mobility management, inter-system interoperability, service peaks, and more.

At the same time, VoNR calls under the 5G R17 RedCap network were completed for the first time. RedCap aims to support wearable, video surveillance, power production, and other businesses.

Meanwhile, RedCap can inherit various excellent features of 5G NR, such as low latency, high reliability, service assurance, data not leaving the factory, low power consumption, strong coverage, and many other advantages, helping 5G empower thousands of industries.

To meet the diversified requirements of 5G, 3GPP R17 proposed 5G lightweight (reduced-capability, RedCap) terminal devices. On the premise of ensuring business requirements and performance, terminal cutting can effectively reduce terminal costs, size, and power consumption.

Huawei is playing a major role in 5G RedCap to bring it to medium and high-speed application scenarios, complementing the middle ground of 5G capabilities. It has the advantages of miniaturization and low cost can achieve a balance between bandwidth, cost, performance, power consumption, etc., and has broad application prospects in the Internet of Everything.

There’s a lot more to learn about 5G RedCap and we will keep you posted on this matter.

Huawei 5G RedCap

(source – SinaTech)

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