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Huawei 5G Core is strongest among all solutions: Report



Huawei 5G Core Solutions

A new report from GlobalData has ranked the Huawei 5G phone core as the strongest and 5G core solutions across the globe. Fortunately, Huawei is again standing at the top of the market, this time for its 5G-oriented technologies and solutions.

By the term again, we mean that the Chinese tech giant has constantly scored this place since 2019. For four years, Huawei 5G core solutions have remained one of the best, strongest, and most used solutions around the world.

Speaking about the report source, GlobalData is an eminent data analytics and consulting institute in the ICT sector. It provides an accurate analysis of the network stability, and transitions to 5G. In the latest edition, the organization surfed over how the 5G core network acts with the live network.

In this report, a total of 5 manufacturers have gained reputable positions in the GlobalData report. To begin with, Huawei has maintained its position in the first rank. Thereafter comes the Ericsson dual-mode core which is 2.3 times lower than Huawei.

The third position is grabbed by ZTE 5G common core. And the last two positions are for Nokia and Cisco respectively.

What is 5G Core?

You might be wondering what is 5G Core. Well, the networks ranging from 2G to 5G will remain in this world for a longer period. Hence, the tech makers have to provide a 5G core solution that can alternate efficient network growth towards the 5G networks.

Moreover, these core solutions help the standalone networks (5G) to face the challenges of several RATs (Radio Access Technology), and complex O&M (Operations and Maintenance).

Huawei 5G Core Solutions

The report is also based on some key factors which are given below.

Architecture Resilience: Huawei 5G core uses telco cloud and microservice-centric architecture. This provides Strong and reliable solutions that help the operator to develop ultra-stable and premium networks, software overload protection, and on-demand in-service upgrades.

Solution Maturity: Since the 5G core solutions of Huawei carries advanced mechanism, it provides durable solutions to the operators. For instance, the Mobile VPN solution is running in more than 500 enterprises across the world. Ultimately, it has also covered huge sectors – public services, healthcare, remote offices, and more.

Network Evolution: Huawei has already imposed the Single Packet Core and Single Voice Core on its solutions. Consequently, these elements help in converging data and voice networks more comprehensively. Furthermore, these elements can provide services for all types of networks ranging from 2G to 5G. It also eases the O&M evolution for the firms.

Network Automation: Huawei 5G Core has also scored good marks in network automation. The company has used the autonomous driving network that depends on the telco cloud. Thus, this solution aids the high network stability, efficient network change, and optimal experience and uplifts the ADN level to the fourth grade (L4).

With such types of technologies and solutions, Huawei will definitely achieve a good height in the business and digital economy.


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