How to install Google apps on any Huawei or Honor smartphones

Huawei and Honor smartphones in China cannot use Google Mobile Services (GMS) due to the block applied by the Chinese government. Therefore, apps including Gmail, Google, Google Maps, Youtube and others are not available for the Chinese version of smartphones.

But there are some consumers that may still want to use Google’s suite of various application on their Huawei and Honor Smartphones. And if you’re one of them, here you can use this simple set of instructions to install Google applications in a Chinese or a regular global version that is shipped to you without GMS.


Before you jump into the instructions, do remember to backup your existing data and follow steps below.

Also, this solution is provided by a third-party developer and it’s not official.


  • First, you need to download this application called “Google Service Assitant” from or from here(GDrive).
  • Click on the downloaded APK to begin the installation.
  • Open the app -> tap the “Start” at bottom of the screen -> tap “Activate” -> “Download” to start downloading necessary Google service application and service frameworks including Google Play Store (Downloading may take some time).
  • Once the download finishes, Restart your device.
  • Open the Play Store -> log in your Google credentials and now you can download Gmail, Youtube, Maps, or any other Google apps you like.
  • (Optional) After the installation, you can remove the Google Service Assitant app because it’ll be no longer needed.

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