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(Camera, Network, System Optimizations) Honor X10 series updates [August 15, 2020]



In May 2020, Honor launched its first 5G phone from the X-series, Honor X10 5G. The phone comes with 7nm Kirin 820 chipset and 90Hz of display refresh rate as well as 180Hz touch sampling rate for a smoother experience.

In July 2020, Honor introduced a bigger variant of Honor X10 as Honor X10 Max, featuring a big 7.09-inch display. The screen has RGBW pixels mapping to provide users better content visibility under outdoor light scenarios. The display also has DCI-P3 cinema-level ultra-wide color gamut for a vivid color generation.

Honor X10 Max is also one of the first Honor phones to come with MediaTek Dimensity 800 5G chipset supporting NSA/SA dual-mode 5G support.

Honor X10 and X10 Max come pre-installed with Magic UI 3.1 (EMUI 10.1 based on Android 10). To improve this smartphone series, Honor send software updates to the Honor X10 series.


And here, you can catch all of the Honor X10 and X10 Max updates, changes, improvements, OS upgrades made to its MagicUI firmware.

August 15, 2020: Magic UI 3.1 version rolled out for Honor X10 Max below you can check the changelog.

  • Application: Added Desktop mode and Education center.
  • Gallery: Added new image community Tab.
  • Camera: Optimizes the shooting effect of the camera in some situations.
  • Communication: Optimizes network stability in some situations.
  • Call: Optimizes video calling experience of some third-party applications.
  • System: Optimize system performance.

July 30, 2020: Magic UI 3.1 version rolled out for Honor X10 Max below you can check the changelog.

  • Huawei HiCar: Added support for Huawei HiCar.
  • Camera: Optimizes video shooting effects.
  • Recording: Fixes noise issues while playing recording files.
  • WLAN: Optimizes Wi-Fi hotspot connection stability.
  • Communication: Optimizes communication experience in some situations.
  • System: Optimizes system performance.

July 24, 2020: Magic UI 3.1 version rolled out for Honor X10 below you can check the changelog.

  • Gesture Navigation: Added Navigation gesture for better interaction.
  • System: Improved system animations.
  • Camera: Optimization of low light camera photography
  • Communication: Optimizes signal stability in some situations.
  • Audio: Optimizes audio playback effects for some third-party game apps.

July 23, 2020: Magic UI sent for Honor X10 Max with Gesture navigation, below you can check the changelog.

  • Gesture Navigation: Added Navigation gesture for better interaction.
  • Camera: Optimizes Night mode shooting. Optimizes the performance and stability of the camera. Fixes some issues.
  • Applications: Optimize third-party apps.
  • Internet: Optimize the stability of the data network.
  • Security: Integrates July 2020 security.

July 9, 2020: Magic UI rolled out for Honor X10 Max with a new Smart Gallery feature and optimization for Camera, multimedia, and NFC. Adding knuckle Gestures and June 2020 security update.

July 1, 2020: Magic UI 3.1 version rolling for Honor X10 with optimizations for the camera, applications, audio, and communication.

June 18, 2020: Magic UI 3.1 version rolled out for Honor X10 with fixes for the camera, audio, display, and integrates May 2020 security update.


May 27, 2020: Magic UI 3.1 version pushed for Honor X10 that optimizes third-party apps, display effects and installs April security update.

Honor X10

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Magic UI

Honor Magic UI 6.0/Android 12 beta opens in UK



Honor Magic UI 6.0 beta UK

Honor is inviting users to join the beta program of Android 12-based Magic UI 6.0 in the UK. While many Honor devices are still standing in the queue to receive the first Android 12 build, it seems that Honor 50 is all set to taste the new firmware.

For implementing the flagship Honor 50 with a new update, the company has opened a Magic UI 6.0 Beta program in the UK. Consequently, this beta event appears with a bunch of goodies for the users. Apart from the testing of the beta software pack, users also get a chance to win exciting prizes and rewards.

READ MORE: Honor Magic UI 6.0 launched based on Android 12

Exciting Prizes & Rewards

The respective beta program is no less than a contest for the consumers. As familiar, the beta program mainly appears for the testing of the firmware and obtaining genuine feedback over it. However, the twist lies here is that users can score awards based on the quality of feedback, questionnaires, as well as update scores.


There are three categories of the Beta Test Awards. Here are we giving a list that describes the awards and prizes for the individuals:

  • Beta Talent – Honor MagicWatch 2
  • Beta Excellence – Honor Earbuds 2 Lite
  • Beta Encouragement – Honor Band 6

Honor Magic UI 6.0 beta UK

How to register for Beta Testers?

For participating in the amazing beta program, follow the below-given steps:

  • Tap on the link HERE
  • The above link will lead you to a Google form
  • Fill the form with respective information, such as Email ID, Contact number, Device model, and more
  • Submit the form

The selected participant will get notified through mail on June 17, 2022. Further, the testing period will start from 20 June onwards, till the 3rd of July. Thereafter, the winners will receive their prizes from 14 – 28 July, following the Reward announcement on 11 – 13 July.

So hurry up! Take part in this amazing opportunity to grab new gadgets, the last date for filing the application form is June 16, 2022.

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  • Message us on Twitter


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February 2022 security update released for Honor Play 9A



Honor Play 9A February 2022 update

Honor Play 9A smartphone began collecting a new security update released in February 2022 for better system security. As it brings fixes for several common vulnerabilities found in the latest software system to protect the device against threats.

According to the information, Honor Play 9A February 2022 update laned on the ground with Magic UI 3.1 version updated from However, we don’t exactly update size but it is expected to be regular.

Adapting models:

  • Honor Play 9A MOA-AL00
  • Honor Play 9A MOA-AL20
  • Honor Play 9A MOA-TL00

So, Honor Play 9A users don’t miss this update because it carries very important security improvements. However, the update is rolling out in batches and may take some time to reach you. Don’t be panic and have a nice day!

Furthermore, if you don’t want to wait for an OTA update notification, then it’s fine. You can check the update manually and download it by following the updates mentioned below.

Honor Play 9A February 2022 update

How to check for updates:

Simply, turn on your smartphone and go to the settings menu. Then, tap on the system & updates and click on software updates. Afterward, you will see a new page with the option CHECK FOR UPDATES, tap on it and wait for the phone to connect server and get the update for you. From here, tap on the download and install button.


On the flip side, you can perform the same update task through the My Huawei app. Go to the My Huawei app and visit the update section. Then, follow on-screen instructions to download install the update.


Although, this update doesn’t erase your data we recommend you keep a backup of your important and personal data. Keep in mind, the smartphone should be charged 30% or above and have an adequate amount of storage in the phone.

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Honor Magic UI 6.0 launched based on Android 12



On January 10, Honor has launched the new version of the Magic UI software system, Magic UI 6.0 based on the latest Android 12. At the press conference, Honor CEO, Zhao Ming has presented a “continuous dream” of Magic UI 6.0.

Honor Magic UI 6.0 is designed with aim of bringing a new experience better than other OS. While maintaining the advantages of the Magic Live Smart Engine and other advantages. The Magic UI 6.0 comes with multi-device intelligent collaboration, focusing on smart life, collaborative office, and much more.

According to the official information, Honor Magic UI 6.0 upgrades Magic Live + Basic OS and Magic Live + cross-device OS three-dimensional knowledge experience under the real-time online perception, comprehension, and learning capabilities of Magic Live Intelligence Engine. “In the future, Honor’s Magic UI will take a different growth path from all existing brands.”

Honor also showed a signal comparison between the Magic 3.0 and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is generally stronger and more power-efficient than the iPhone 13. As compared to Magic UI 5.0, the Magic UI 6.0 also improved the average frame rate of games, improved application retention rates, and even extended the Magic 3’s battery life by 20 minutes.


Furthermore, Honor Magic UI 6.0 is unleashed with the blessing of the Magic Live intelligent engine that can sense the geolocation through all-weather in boarding, subway, express delivery, elevator, and other scenarios. It matches the relationship between people’s location and time accounts, as well as provides relevant data partners to provide accurate intelligent services.

The Magic can actively provide smart services with a live visual experience. In the case of business travel, Yoyo suggests that flight information will be displayed in time, voice prompts boarding, and the boarding pass can be opened with a key. Based on industry-leading multi-level geofencing technology, Magic Live is 6 times more accurate than traditional sensing technology, 500 times more accurate in real-time, and reduces power consumption by up to 95%.

Magic Live will also actively learn and receive visual rules and recommendation rules based on user habits so that YOYO suggestions can become your unique smart assistant. Subway view, one-click swipe code, view of the house, and pickup signal.



In addition, Honor also launched the Honor Connect interconnection protocol, which can achieve 10ms low latency, 1.2GBps high data throughput, and a 20% anti-packet loss rate. Glory supports sharing and collaboration mode functions and supports compatibility with OLA protocol and METAR protocol.

Magic Live:

With Basic OS, Magic Live can customize Smart Folders according to personal habits, and intelligently recommend app combinations on the go, for office meetings, entertainment, and leisure. Magic Live provides personalized optimization strategies for different scenarios: Link Turbo X integrates network distributed computing technology to improve communication stalls in weak signal environments.

GPU Turbo X is equipped with AI real-time scene prediction and scheduling to improve the average frame rate. the device maintains “quiet” while playing; OS Turbo X Smart Memory technology, application survival increased by 20%, battery life equivalent time increased by 5% magic live black technology wisdom blessings.

Honor is a strategic partner of Microsoft’s Your Phone function in China, the Magic Live cross-device experience has also been upgraded. In addition to the new Honor Connect interconnection protocol, Honor Sharing supports seamless interconnection transfer between mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, as well as high-speed reciprocal transfers between Windows PCs.


Cross-device collaboration supports keyboard and mouse sharing and screen expansion. The protocol is open for shelves and standard adaptations have been deeply incorporated to support more ecological devices.

Apart from this, Honor has also launched a brand new Honor Smart Desktop YOYO recommends cross-device reminders to continuously remind the schedule through various interactions such as card capsules, headset voices, and watch messages.

Magic UI 6.0 provides several service cards recommended by YOYO, creating a variety of themed desktops, and changing styles as you wish. New large folders function, directly click storage app, efficient and one-touch. Human factors engineering interactive effects, a mirror to the end. In other respects, Magic UI 6.0 also announced that it will continue to protect user privacy and security in all aspects and at all times.


The smartphone that will update first over Magic UI 6.0 in first-quarter belongs to the Magic 3 series. While the Honor 50 series will do so in the second quarter of the year. In the third quarter, Honor mobiles such as the V40, 50SE, X30, X20, or V7 will be updated.


(Source: ithome)

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