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Honor will launch 3840Hz PWM dimming



Honor Magic 5

Honor 90 Series will launch on May 29 and it will equip with 3840Hz PWM dimming. The feature is called zero-risk dimming eye protection. Meanwhile, it will only enable with 120Hz display refresh rate. Furthermore, the input reveals that the phone has passed the TÜV Rheinland flicker-free certification and reached the zero-risk dimming level.

This is the highest PWM dimming number on any smartphone. As compared to this, Honor Magic 5 series had screen features of up to 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, dynamic dimming, and circadian night display for eyes comfort.

Therefore, 3840Hz PWM dimming on Honor’s upcoming phones will be an exciting tech to witness.

3840Hz PWM dimming

What is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Dimming?

LEDs can be dimmed using two methods: analog and pulse-width modulation (PWM). Analog dimming modifies LED light output by adjusting the DC current in the string, whereas PWM dimming modifies the average current in the string by varying the duty cycle of a constant current in the string.

Alternatively, we can say PWM is a technique for controlling the brightness of a display panel by varying the width of the light pulse. Simply put, you control how long the screen remains on or off. Lowering the brightness causes the screen to be off for longer than it is on, which is perceived as lower brightness.


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