Honor V30 Pro achieves 59 points on DXOMARK audio test, Microphone ranks best

Honor V30 series was launched last year in China, this lineup comes in a duo – Honor V30 and V30 Pro. Soon after its release, Honor V30 Pro reviewed by DXOMARK and surpassed Huawei flagship – Mate 30 Pro (4G).

Now DXOMARK has published the audio test results of Honor V30 Pro achieving an overall score of 59 points and establishing it on 15th place in the list.

Honor V30 Pro audio specs:

  • Single-speaker design.
  • Bluetooth BT5.1, BLE/SBC/AAC/LDAC HD audio.
  • No headphone jack (USB-C adapter included).

DXOMARK found three flaws in audio playback quality:

  1. Single-speaker design brings the phone’s Spatial sub-score to a very low 28.
  2. The lack of low-end extension affects tonal reproduction on the timbre field, as well as bass precision in the dynamics area.
  3. Excessive compression at high volumes not only impairs dynamics but reduces maximum volume capability and induces temporal artifacts.

On the other hand, the Honor V30 Pro scores 74, delivering the best recording performance with exemplary frequency response, well-preserved dynamics, and excellent spatial rendering.

“By choosing to equip its latest flagship with a single speaker, Honor greatly affected the V30 Pro’s playback performance. A lack of low-end extension and excessive compression at high volumes also impair its timbre, dynamics, volume, and artifacts performances. However, the Honor V30 Pro’s microphones deliver outstanding tonal balance, excellent spatial capture, and faithful dynamics. In the recording area, these category-leading sub-scores, along with good overall loudness, few artifacts, and a very natural background rendering make Honor’s low-cost flagship simply the best.” wrote DXOMARK.

Read the full review here.




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