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Here are the new Android 2022 features announced by Google



Google Android 2022 features

Google has announced a handful of new features for Android users in 2022 ongoing year. Undoubtedly, these features are not only interactive with the device system but thoughtful for the daily life of users as well. Now you can turn on your tasks and manage several operations more efficiently.

What are these new significant additions? Well, the list of Google Android 2022 features includes some easy-sharing tools, redesigned system applications, and better ways to operate your handset and smartwatches.

So let’s begin the exploration of these new and reflective functions of the Android interface.

Share your files easily with Nearby Share

Nearby Share – a new tool that lets you transfer your files and essentials to nearby Android devices (smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks). You can share the entire folder or customize the number of materials accordingly. Besides, it automatically transfers the files to other devices even if the screen is off.

However, for enjoying this feature, you must have opted into the respective function. For doing so, make sure that your selected Android devices are logged into your Google Account on the sharing menu.

Revamped Google Workspace

Google has recently done some makeovers to its Google Workspace applications for huge screen devices. Thus, now users will be able to find larger and more effective widgets for Google Drive and Keep apps on their tablet screens.

Further, this Google Drive Widget will provide you with one-tap access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Besides, the Keep app widget will bring huge space and font sizes for easy note-makings, to-do lists, reminders, and more.

Emojify your Messages with Gboard

Google now brings magic to your hands for expressing yourself. No need to jump into the emoji section and do a find and search for the emojis to express yourself. With the all-new Emojify feature, you can easily get the emoticons that you need to send without the extra effort of searching them.

Google Android 2022 features

Just type your message and tap on the Emojify button. Select the preferable emoji and hit the send button. Currently, the feature is revolving in the Gboard beta, but soon the company will push it off to all the Gboard English consumers.

On the other hand, now there are thousands of Emoji Kitchen stickers on Gboard. This bunch includes some new and different emojis that you can even share with your friends or colleagues residing in other parts of the world.

Enjoy FaceTime with Google Meet

Google Meet now brings a live sharing feature on its surface. As a result, you can watch YouTube videos, or play games with up to 100 members at the same time. Alongside, you will find a new multi-pinning feature to adjust your facetime screen and keep your focus on the essential parts of the meeting.

New Accessibility Tools

Now the Sound Notifications in the Live Transcribe and Notifications section can sense the emergent household alert. For instance, fire alarms, running water, door knocks, and more. Moreover, it will make a sound, or vibration, or flash the light and will caution you on your phone or smartwatch.

Besides, you can customize the alert sound accordingly. The feature is quite helpful while using headphones, or when you are dealing with hearing impairment. On the flip side, for people with low vision, there is an Audio Description feature on Google TV.

Ultimately, this function will narrate the visual details which will help you to understand what is going on in the scenario. You will also find an organized library of movies with audio descriptions on Google TV.

Google Android 2022 features

Personalize your WearOS watch

Now there is a new Keep feature in your mini handy gadget. You can easily command a note or checklist on your smartwatch without even using any other device. Another interesting point is that Google is soon going to introduce the Bitmoji feature on the WearOS watch face.

You can use your avatar after crafting it on Snapchat or Bitmoji app and can use it with changing expressions. These are the new features that are making their way to your Android devices. Let’s see what else we will grab in the time ahead.


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