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HarmonyOS has auto layout feature, which Android 14 and iOS 16 lack



harmonyos auto layout

HarmonyOS brings a brand new auto layout feature but do you know that there’s no such functionality available in the latest Android 14 or iOS 16 software? Yes, there’s no such feature in the other two software.

Launch with HarmonyOS 3, Huawei smartphone users can switch between different layouts with just a tap of one button. Tap on the change button until you get a perfect suitable layout.

The feature uses slight AI power and helps users to organize the screen and keep it clean without spending too much time on manual action.

The auto feature generates new combinations of the layouts including app icons and app widgets as well as large folders. This makes the on-screen interactions distractions free.

You can sort out and rearrange the layout in three ways:

  1. Original Layout
  2. Sort by color
  3. Sort by category.

With the first option, you can arrange icons, widgets, and app folders without category filters. However, it doesn’t shift one layout content to another.

harmonyos auto layout android ios

The sort-by-color feature is interesting and it reorders the content based on the dominating color. For example, all red color (entire or partial) screen elements combine on a single layout. Meanwhile, it will push all of the orange color screen elements to the next.

harmonyos auto layout by color

The third option supports sorting by category, this will lead you toward a more creative layout. It removes all of the similar app icons, widgets, or large folders. As the name says, the feature then arranges these elements according to the use case. Furthermore, the system tools come on one screen and other productive apps and folders come on the second.

layout by category

These are some amazing capabilities and now it’s time to look into, what Android 14 and iOS 16 have to offer.


Android doesn’t have such functionality. Instead, you will only get app row x column pre-sets. These are the most common feature on Android devices.


Coming to the Apple device on this matter, it remains silent, as there’s nothing to do with the home screen customizations for the time being. So, you will have to do all of the things manually, one by one.


Auto layout is not the only feature that Huawei has researched and added to the HarmonyOS, which lacks the latest Android and iOS software but there are also other innovative functionalities. These include app swipe gestures, service widgets, super devices, and more.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.