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Grab Huawei mega deal between 8 to 10 October in Malaysia



Huawei Malaysia deal

Huawei Malaysia bringing the super saving deal between 8th to 10th October with amazing offers. The buyers will get a maximum discount of up to 42%, enjoy flash sales that is starting with RM9.90, win free gifts, and more.

This sale will be giving you all Huawei products including smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and speakers at the lowest prices you have ever seen. Don’t let this chance slip out of your hand and upgrade your styling collection in the deal.

Furthermore, the buyer can hope from the best offer deals, wrist companion product list, flash sales, and category wise. All products are available at relatively lower prices with huge savings. Besides, there are also installments options for some selected products.

Scroll down to check the products and prices-


Best Offers:

Huawei Band 6 (Graphite Black)

  • Buy at RM 169.00

Huawei MatePad T10 (Deep Sea Blue)

  • Buy at RM499.00

Huawei MatePad (Midnight Grey)

  • Buy at RM1099.00

Huawei MateBook D14 i3

  • Buy at RM2299.00

Huawei FreeBuds 4i (Red)

  • Buy at RM249.oo

Huawei Malaysia deal

You Writs Style Companion:

Huawei Watch GT2e (Graphite Black)

  • Buy at RM 369.00

Huawei Band 4e (Graphite Black)

  • Buy at RM69.00

Huawei Watch GT2 42mm (Refine Gold Milanese Strap)

  • Buy at RM559.00

Huawei Watch Fit (Graphite Black)

  • Buy at RM329.00

Huawei Watch GT2 (Black Strap)

  • Buy at RM499.00

Flash Sale List: Exclusive on 8th-10th October

Huawei CM510 Mini Speaker (Graphite Black)

  • Buy at RM9.00

Huawei matebook deal

Huawei MateBook D14 i3 Flash Deal Bundle

  • Buy at RM2699.00

Huawei Watch GT2e Flash Deal Bundle

  • Buy at RM999.00

Huawei Malaysia Watch Gt deal

Gifts Corner:

The first 10 users who’ll complete their purchase on the 8th of October will win the first Huawei gift that is Huawei CM51 SoundStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Red Color. Furthermore, the rest users who’ll be listened among the first 40, will receive a colorful thermos water bottle. Make sure to be the first to get these appreciation gifts.


Sale Duration: 

Staring on 8th October to 10th October

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Huawei and Oniro OS announced to jointly build the future IoT ecosystem



Huawei Oniro Ecosystem

Huawei, Oniro OS, SFScon, and NOI Techpark jointly declared to build an ecosystem for future IoT devices. However, Oniro is the project of the Eclipse Foundation. In October 2021, based on the OpenHarmony project, the Eclipse foundation launched Oniro OS, a smart, transparent, vendor-neutral, and independent operating system for the next generation of distributed systems.

The Oniro project is aimed at daily necessities, such as smart TVs, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, smart speakers, and other household devices. South Tyrol is a real technology field and has a wealth of incubators and companies.

Talking about the companies, Huawei and NOI Techpark has been cooperating with each other for a long time. This is a kind of cooperation that has allowed both parties to join the Eclipse Foundation working group Oniro. Oniro reflects the 360° open-source model solves the problems of the Internet of Things (IoT) world.

“The new goal is to make the collaboration between different brands, different invoices, and different models of equipment truly effective,” said Davide Ricci

About Davide Ricci:

Davide Ricci is Director of Huawei Open Source Technology Center (OSTC), a technical expert, and the speaker of the latest SFScon, South Tyrol Free Software Conference held at the Bolzano Innovation Center.


Huawei Oniro Ecosystem

New Goal:

To achieve the aim the IoT devices need to communicate with each other and to begin with strong artificial intelligence means providing the end-users with one. To date, the main problem is that each company that markets these products does not communicate with competitors’ technology, but with different licenses, agreements, and technical baselines, private or non-open source.

Oniro-Ricci explained that the goal is to precisely create compatibility so that companies and multinational companies sit around an open-source table, which is fair and elite, and an equally equal technology can give those who want equal opportunities to the community Contribute to development.

The project is managed by the Eclipse Foundation, which officially released the Oniro project on October 26, 2021, for community adoption. While talking about open source, it is necessary to look at rules and precise rules to ensure the neutrality of the project and the proper conduct of activities.

From this assumption, we can derive the powerful experience of the NOI Technology Park: “Collaboration and Display Techpark Focus Intellectual Property Management Policy-Rich said thanks to the creation of a real manifesto (software material list-SBOM) explaining the basis of open source license management, components, and subcomponents Oniro”.


So far, the Oniro working group has 5 active members, and its goal is to involve others, especially to use NOI Techpark’s strategic role in the Austria-German environment to spread a cross-device ecosystem view and be completely open, transparent, and safe.

Security issues are another factor that is strongly felt within Oniro and part of the long-term debate about the future of technology.

“Everything must pass through the cloud today, but also because of the monetization of data. But. This has caused the fragmentation and unfairness of the Internet of Things because it believes that collaboration between devices can only be achieved through the cloud, without considering the powerful perspective provided by Edge,” said Huawei expert

This project has so many resources and the problem now is to understand and let people understand what are the potential advantages of such an open-source project. Those who participate in similar forms run by the Eclipse Foundation are safe and their investments are protected by a neutral entity.

Therefore, even in the same project, competitors can coexist, which makes the company feel protected. This is undoubtedly a slower development process compared to work done independently by a single supplier, but it is more stable over time. “The success of the Oniro project depends on how many active partners decide to participate. Their number will determine how many devices will be launched in the next few years.


(Source: ithome)

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China Mobile and Huawei to launch China’s first 5G indoor positioning trial commercial project




huawei 5g

A few days ago, Huawei and China have announced China’s first 5G indoor positioning trial commercial project successfully at Huawei’s Tuanbowa plant in China. This system is based on the “5G indoor positioning technology” and it can simultaneously meet the needs of 5G communication + precise positioning, and conduct the dual use of one network.

The previous report reveals that the latest Huawei and China mobile 5G project was implemented in Dongguan Huawei’s Tuanbowa plant, and 90% of the positioning results achieved precise positioning within a range of 1-3 meters, which will promote the improvement of plant logistics efficiency.

Huawei China mobile 5G system

Huawei’s Tuanbowa 5G indoor positioning is a 4.9GHz 5G network deployment by China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei. The integrated positioning platform provided by China Mobile Shanghai Industrial Research Institute is the first commercial trial to achieve an indoor accurate positioning project.

Previously, Suzhou Mobile and Huawei conducted a 5G indoor positioning capability verification in the Suzhou Metro. With the hidden deployment of the base station pRRU, it achieved a positioning accuracy of 3 to 5 meters in 90% of the subway platform and hall area. It is a 5G indoor positioning function and the first live network verification in the world.


(via – ithome)

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Huawei Mate V foldable phone to launch on December 23




Huawei Mate V

It was previously reported that Huawei is planning to launch a new foldable phone this month. Therefore, a new input has emerged that shows that this new foldable phone, allegedly called Mate V will launch on December 23, 2021.

According to a well-known Weibo tipster, Huawei will launch the next foldable phone – Mate V clamshell-style smartphone on December 23 along with a new smartwatch – Watch D with blood pressure measurement feature support.

Furthermore, the tipster revealed that Huawei has a new Watch Fit mini sports series, smart screen (smart TV), MateBook, MatePad paper, Bluetooth glasses as well as other smart products that will make their way to the upcoming launch event.

Huawei mate v december 23

Yu Chengdong:

Huawei consumer business group CEO, Yu Chengdong has been out of action from the last two launch events of Huawei but it’s likely that Yu will join this upcoming Huawei launch showcase that will host a bunch of new products.


It’s also revealed that Yu will announce, the first HaronyOS powered smart SUV CERES AITO car on December 23, equipped with HarmonyOS car. Yu Chengdong said Huawei has 30 years in communications applications, ICT field accumulated core technology to help AITO build a mid-size luxury SUV, the car will be the first equipped with the latest Huawei obscurity intelligent cockpit for a smart user experience.

Huawei Mate V:

Huawei Mate V has a flip-style foldable design, the trademark and design patent of this phone has been spotted on various inspection authorities around the globe. To be mentioned Huawei has long been preparing to launch this phone alongside the Huawei Mate X2.

According to our previous report, this clamshell phone comes with a full view display that folds inward and features a notch on the head. There are function keys on the left and the right side consist volume and power buttons. Meanwhile, the bottom side features ports and speaker grills for the input.

Huawei Mate V

The rear design shows us a camera bump that is large and placed vertical camera system featuring different lense. The right side of the lens shows sensors for different aspects of photography.

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