Google Search Dark Theme is spotted on the Search bar

The US-based search engine Google has been starting to support the Dark Theme or Dark Mode after a long time of preparation. It seems to be used by some users, so it’s hard to say for the moment, whether it reached all consumers or not.

Some users have been spotted using this night theme also shared it on social media platforms such as Twitter. It’s only from the users’ side, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Google yet.

In this case, it may be possible that it’s just another beta test for this mode ahead of rollout. There is only one sure thing: all the users are very extremely excited to take the experience of this mode.

The users who shared the information reveals that this notification will appear on your searching window with the message “Dark theme is now available”.

After enabling this mode the entire white background replace with the black background turning the black text into white color. Furthermore, your Google Account Login Profile Icon will also turn into a yellow and orange color, which feels like a pleasing Sun.

Adding to this, a moon-shaped icon will also appear, which can help you to enable the light theme or white background back.

You will also find the Appearance option in the Search Setting in the Google Search with the options: Device default, Dark theme, Light theme. You can the setting from here also.

Besides, a Sun icon also appearing below the search bar but after a period of analysis, it turns to be a non-functional icon, as reported by some other users.

Well, there is not any certain information clearing that Google has been widely rollout this feature. We may have to for the further official announcement. Stay tuned for further updates.


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