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Google apps are crashing again, here is how to solve this issue and check Google’s response



Back in March, Google pushed a new update for its WebView mobile plugin (app), which created a massacre of app crashes among the Android-powered smartphones. Thereafter, Google also rolled out a number of patches to resolve this issue and announced the cause of the entire app crashing scenario.

But recently, similar problems have emerged again, as users are unable to access the Google App. The app keeps showing “Google app keeps stopping” message each time. That’s not it because this sudden change also expanded to Google Assistant, Lens, and Search apps as well, making it an all-around problem.

Regarding this, Android just posted an explanation and said the company is aware of the new issue on the Google App. Yet it only mentioned the Google App on the focus

“We’re aware that the Google App on Android is not functioning as expected for some people. We are currently working to fix the problem and apologize for any inconvenience.”

But if you are hit by the same issue, there’s a patch that you can apply to make it go away for the time being.

  1. Launch Android Settings app
  2. Go to Apps & notifications
  3. Tap “See all apps”
  4. Find and tap Google from the app list (or you can use the search button on the top right corner to search for “google”)
  5. Tap Storage & cache
  6. Tap “Clear storage” or “Manage space”

Furthermore, you can also try the system Webview solution linked below.

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