Global foldable smartphone shipment to rise 100 million by 2025, Huawei will be one of the leading vendor

Last year global foldable smartphone shipment hit over 1 million smartphones. It’s expected that this shipment count will reach 100 million by 2025, says a researcher.

According to Strategy Analytics, foldable smartphone shipments will grow to 100 million units by 2025 and Huawei will be one of the leading vendors in this segment.

Foldable phones are the newest form of smartphones that is still in their early stages and requires some time to become more mature.

“High pricing, low display-yields, and questionable durability are holding back the foldable market today, but those problems will be solved in the long-term.” wrote SA.

Huawei launched its first foldable smartphone – Huawei Mate X 5G in October that has sold over 100,000 units every month in 2019. The phone is on sale for around two months and sums the shipment to 200,000 units.

An improved version of Huawei Mate X will be launched as Huawei Mate Xs equipped with Kirin 990 5G at MWC 2020. Moreover, there’s a slight chance that we could see a new Huawei Mate X device in the second half of this year but there’s no additional information available on this matter.






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