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Enjoy non-stop music with EMUI 12 Audio Controls



EMUI 12 Audio Controls

Listening to music is one of the favorite habits among individuals. And what if you could enjoy your music without interruptions and with immersive audio quality? To fulfill this wish, EMUI 12 offers efficient Audio Controls.

You may understand the value of non-stop music with effective audio quality. Fortunately, Huawei assumed the expectations of its consumers and implemented the EMUI 12 surface with dynamic Audio features.

It’s not a new addition but it has been relying upon the software system for a long time. However, there are already so many eye-catching features that a user can easily forget about the thoughtful ones.

So, let’s have a glance at the EMUI 12 Audio Controls.

Huawei has designed EMUI 12 ecosystem to allow you to connect your devices with one tap. Whether it’s your smartphone, earbuds, or any other gadget, click once and the interconnection feature will be available at your service.

So far, the pairing between several gadgets was quite complicated. You always have to make a huge round by going to the Settings menu, and then unpairing the earphones from your handset, and so on.

Sometimes, this process becomes so long and time-consuming that it often irritates the users. To give relief, Huawei brought the EMUI 12 and its magical audio functions to the midst of users.

Unlike the old times, now things are quite different as well as convenient. With the ultimate EMUI 12 installed on your phone, you only require access to the audio control functions.

EMUI 12 Audio Controls

What you can access with Audio Controls?

As the name reflects, the feature can amplify the audio experience. You can effectively control the audio playback, can switch between several audio apps, or can even transfer an audio file to a connected device.

Further, you can easily view the music track, or song album on the audio controller, without jumping into the respective music application. Besides, you can stretch the view by simply tapping on the audio controls to watch the entire lyrics or to add songs to your favorites.

How to use Audio Control Panel?

EMUI 12 Audio Controls has an easy-to-use interface with minimalistic functions. As a result, you can effortlessly connect or switch between your Huawei devices. Not only interconnection, but the panel also permits you to perform other actions.

For instance:

  • You can select the device on which you want the music to be played
  • With one tap, you can change the audio streaming from headphones to the speaker
  • You can swap the tunes or change the song without opening the music player
  • Most significantly, you can easily switch between three recently used apps or any other audio file without opening the file manager.

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