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EMUI 11 Tip: How to enable eye comfort mode

Smartphone’s screen allows you to touch and interact with the software system and conduct a task that is important to your preference. Even with the advancement of the high-quality display such as OLED and Super AMOLED panel, your phone’s display can still create difficulties for your vision via the Blue Light that it emits.

However, the phone makers nowadays keep a good check on this situation and introduced features that help you to reduce the effect of the Blue Light on your phone with just a tap.

In Huawei phones, this feature is called, Eye Comfort Mode and allows you to reduce the blue light effect.

Swipe down the notification bar, swipe down to further extend the shortcuts. Then touch the eye icon or disable the Eye Comfort.

  • Settings
  • Display & brightness
  • Eye Comfort

How to schedule Eye Comfort mode:

  • Settings
  • Display & brightness
  • Eye Comfort
  • Tap on the slider to enable scheduled
  • Input the Start and End time

You can also adjust the temperature of the folder and bring it to the left or right from the slider to increase or decrease it.




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