EMUI 11 Feature: System-level translation

The system-level translation is a brand new EMUI 11 feature, which is never introduced by Huawei with any EMUI version. This feature permits you to translate the text very easily or with just one-click.

The translate screen allows you to touch and hold the text or selected text content and the text with one finger, or on a picture with two fingers to translate the text. Also, you can also adjust the area of the screen to be translated. It also supports multiple languages.

With this feature, users can browse articles or pictures in different languages and translate the words or paragraphs by selecting them. It helps you to understand the text written in any language.

This feature is little bit different from AI subtle. The AI subtle is used to translate the audio into text in real-time. If the users are missing any video’s sound because of the language issue then it is this feature is the best choice.

*This is China exclusive EMUI 11 feature.






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