Here are all the new features and UI changes revealed in EMUI 10 leak

Huawei has already announced the ongoing development of Android Q for its devices and many of us now wondering what’s new the company is adding to EMUI 10.

Breaking: Huawei officially confirmed 17 devices for Android Q/EMUI 10 update

To hype things up, there’s an early build of this EMUI 10 based on Android Q has recently been leaked revealing a glimpse of new features and user interface.

This new early firmware of EMUI 10 installed by the folks over Android Central on the Huawei P30 Pro to give a sneak peek at what’s coming next in the latest version of EMUI.

UI Changes:

In terms of design changes, there aren’t enough tweaks made in the user interface and carries most of the design aspects from its predecessor EMUI 9.1 (Android Pie).

Some of the notable visual tweaks have been found on the Weather app and its widget, which is now painted with new color schemes and more arranged layout.

Also, the quick settings panel now comes with gradient black color and when a feature is disabled, its text becomes gray, making it hard to identify while being blend into the background color.

The gesture navigation is working the same as before but the task changer is working more fluid and the animations a bit more crispy.

The camera app is now more visual and includes new font, colors, and icons. There are also some shifts made in on-finger features such as the zoom controller. The switching between camera modes is smoother and new image filters has been added. Aside from the look of the camera app, there’s no major change found in the main features.

Privacy and Permission management:

This testing version of EMUI 10 also shows new privacy and permission management system that’s mainly inherited from the Android Q. As users can choose their privacy options more effectively for sensitive information like locations and storage.

Just like any other pre-release software, this version of EMUI can also be taken as a teaser of the full movie and the features mentioned above may receive more changes during the development timeframe and even more features added until whole firmware goes through a stable release.

Currently, there’s no date confirmed for the rollout of EMUI 10 for Huawei devices but it’s expected come soon after the stable release of Android Q and before the launching of Mate 30 series.






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