EMUI 10.1 Feature: Golden Snap – Pick Best Moments, Remove Passerby and Reflection

Huawei P40 series camera comes with new features and equips EMUI 10.1 operating system. The software architecture of EMUI 10.1 also empowers some of the camera functions such as Golden Snap supported by AI capabilities.

Huawei Golden Snap comprises of three features:

  • AI Best Moments
  • AI Remove Passerby
  • AI Remove Reflection

AI Best Moment, a new smart photography feature that uses AI motion algorithm that detects and recognizes posture and expression features. It takes a 4K moving picture and then the Gallery Edit feature recommends 1-3 pictures of the best moving moment.

AI Remove Passerby uses the AI capability of Gallery Edit to help you remove the passersby by combining several frames into one. So you can have a clean background and focus completely on the subject.

AI Remove Reflection can do away the unwanted glare from the frame, allowing users to easily enhance their images after the fact.






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