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Download Huawei Celia Voice

Huawei Celia Voice is the AI Voice Assistant of Huawei and is developed to provide Assistant features on smart devices. It was initially introduced with EMUI 10.1 software system and can be activated by simply saying “Hey Celia” or long-pressing the power button for a second.

Huawei’s AI Assistant – Celia Voice is a very useful feature offered by Huawei for its consumers to make their daily life tasks easier. Also, the assistant entertains you easier by playing your favorite videos, music, and more.

Download the latest Huawei Celia Voice Assistant APK below:

Download Huawei Celia Voice

More about Huawei Celia Voice Assistant:

Huawei Celia – Huawei’s AI Voice Assistant that can answer your every question and helps you to get things done hands-free. So, you can easily focus on your important tasks. It really simplifies your daily routine and tasks can be completed without making extra efforts.

Using Celia Voice, you can check the weather, count calories, make calls, and schedule events. Further, it helps you in quickly find items you want to buy, play your favorite videos and control your music without even picking up the phone.

Celia is also the travel assistant you are looking for. Ask Celia to translate your menu, plan your day, take photos for you, and more. Celia is always there to meet your needs. There is much more to know about Celia Voice, which can experience by using it.

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