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Download Apple iOS 16 Wallpapers in full resolution



Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

Apple unveiled the iOS 16 and other surprising smart gadgets at the WWDC 2022 event. While the latest iOS version accompanies several new features, we are here with a new download link that opens the gateway to a bunch of iOS 16 wallpapers.

If we toggle the previous additions, then Apple has linked only two official wallpapers. Meanwhile, other outstanding wallpapers are available only on the first beta of iOS 16. Apart from the iOS 16 promo wall posters, these wallpapers are present in different categories. For instance, Pride, Bokeh, Unity, Stripe, and Weather.

Furthermore, there are 2 weather wall posters, 10 bokeh posters, 13 pride posters, 4 unity posters, and 9 Astronomy wallpapers. Thus, users have multiple choices to give a new look to their smartphone’s home screen.

The new wallpapers exhibit a measurement of 1560 x 3376 and 3208 x 3208 pixels. Moreover, the wallpapers are so designed, that they give an impressive look on the screen. You can have a preview of these wallpapers, below.

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

Since the images are just for presentation, you can not take them into use. However, you can check out the below-given link to install the latest iOS 16 wallpapers in full resolution.

Download: iOS 16 Wallpapers HERE

How to apply new custom wallpaper to the home screen?

For adding the latest wallpapers to your home screen:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Select the Wallpaper section
  • Tap on Choose new wallpaper
  • Select the wallpaper and customize it accordingly
  • Choose any one option from – Home Screen, Lock Screen, or Both

And Voila! the new wallpaper is on the respective screen.

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

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