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Digitization leads to higher demands for computing power: Huawei 



Huawei Digitization computing power

Huawei has reached the last day of Connect 2022 event in Bangkok. But, the company didn’t stop and continued introducing new chapters of the digital infrastructure. In the latest section, Huawei delivered a speech on how prominent digitization leads to higher demands for computing power and storage capacity.

Apart from the technologies, individuals and industries are also putting higher requirements for digital infrastructure. Though, it’s a positive view that consumers focus on digital technology. Yet, everything requires a specific time to evolve.

The Executive Director of Huawei and ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee – Wang Tao kept the examples of how consumer demands are increasing day by day with rising new technologies in the market.

Higher demands among users – Wang Tao

Human begins always tempts to a better experience. And to attract users with immersive services, the industries try to extend their limitations. For instance, the operators have increased the connection from Gigabit 1Gbps to 10 Gigabit 10GBps for the XR and 3D experience.

On the other hand, mobile DoU hiked from 15GB to 100GB. However, these increments also rises the requirements for latency and universal connections. The same goes when users demand 24K/3D/VR games and 3D views on the picture screen.

Although, industries are trying to pace up with the speed of digital transformation. They are constantly making ways and solutions to fulfill the needs of users with better quantity, quality, and perception. Still, Huawei believes that the digitization era in the industries has led to explosive growth in the demand for computing power.

Wang Tao states that with such demands and requirements, technological development won’t be sufficient. We need to continue serving and contributing to the digital transformation. In the meantime, we also have to make efforts for the 5.5G network. Eventually, it is the only way to move towards an intelligent world.

Huawei Digitization computing power


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