China suspects FedEx held over 100 Huawei packages

China said it suspects that FedEx violated the law by not making shipments of Huawei goods to its actual recipients.

According to the case investigation, the relevant Chinese state department found that FedEx claim of re-routing of Huawei packages to the US was an “Operational Error”, was found incorrect compared to the facts reported by Xinhua.

The investigation reveals that FedEx was suspected of holding up more than 100 Huawei packages entering China. Investigators also discovered clues to other violations of the company.

Currently, the investigation authority will search for more evidence on this matter to reach its result.

In May Huawei accused FedEx of diverting packages to the US without authorization, including two that the company had sent from Japan to its offices on the mainland.

Shenzhen-based Huawei also said FedEx had attempted to divert two more packages to the US that were sent from Vietnam and destined for the Chinese firm’s offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Later on, the company filed a lawsuit in China against FedEx. In early June, China launched an investigation into the incident which is currently underway.




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