Check the unboxing and trailer of the Huawei Mate X2 foldable phone [Video]

Today, Huawei unveiled its latest foldable phone, Mate X2 with an inward folding mechanism and includes two display systems. The main foldable display expands at 8-inch and there’s a 6.45-inch cover display for interactions.

The main display uses an industry-leading magnetically controlled nano-optical layer to protect the foldable panel and provide a better user experience. The hinge now has a multi-dimensional hinge design that allows the Mate X2 to fold perfectly without leaving a gap and closes crease on the unfolded state.

The Foldable phone has a lot to offer. Since this device is to make its way to the global market, Huawei has shared an early unboxing and full tour of the Mate X2 as well as its trailer, which you can check below.

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