Breaking: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will no longer come pre-installed in new Huawei phones

The US ban has brought another blow for Huawei because Facebook is no longer allowing its app to come pre-installed in Huawei Phones.

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New Huawei phones will no longer be able to have Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps pre-installed. Although customers who already own Huawei phones will still be able to access these apps and receive updates, Huawei told Reuters.

Smartphone companies often sign a deal to pre-install popular apps such as Facebook on their newly launched phones. Moreover, Twitter and other apps also come pre-installed in Huawei phones in many countries but it’s still unclear whether Twitter will also take the same move against the company.

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This restriction by Facebook on Huawei applies to any Huawei phone that has not yet left the factory, according to a person familiar with the matter.

In May, the US commerce department added Huawei and its affiliate in a business blacklist, after this, firms including Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Xilinx, and Broadcom stopped supplying hardware component and software services to the company.

The source also told that buyers of current Huawei phone models that do not have Facebook pre-installed would still be able to download it from the Google Play store. Future versions of Huawei phones, however, will not have access to the Google Play store and its apps unless the U.S. government changes its decision.






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