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Be a part of exclusive Huawei Nova 9 launch on 21st October in Berlin



Huawei Nova 9 launch Berlin

The exclusive Huawei Nova 9 global launch is set for 21st October that’ll take place in Berlin, Germany. There will be more Huawei products including the latest Nova 8i smartphone. The company is offering an exclusive chance for users to witness this grand launch event.

Of course, the users who will attend Huawei Nova 9 launch event in Berlin will get the first chance to report about it. In addition, they will be the first to get the launch videos, photos, posts, and other mediums available at the event.

Undoubtedly it’s a great chance for Huawei consumers and fans to brag about their achievements be one of the exclusive guests at the launch. Furthermore, there will be two events to let you taste the courtesy of the company.

You can check the necessary information below.


Huawei Nova 9 offline launch event: Berlin

  • Date: October 21, 2021
  • Time: From 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Selected Candidates: 10 Peoples

Berlin Flagship Store Experience Tour 

  • Date: October 22, 2021
  • Time: From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Selected Candidates: 20 People

Huawei Nova 9 launch Berlin

The visited, especially the Huawei fans will receive a chance to be present at the offline launch and experience store in Berlin. The company staff will provide a proper guide and let you experience the latest products from the event.

In addition, the participants can try out their post and story writing skills, photography, and videography talents and enjoy a warm welcome with food and drinks. Furthermore, an after-launch party is waiting for those who’ll be select for the launch event.

How to Take Part:

All desired Huawei customers can apply to take part in this event until 15th October. However, only the selected candidates that’ll pass the company’s interview will get the chance to attend any one event.

There are two ways, users can apply for these activities. In the first one, they can write a direct mail to the event coordinators at Meanwhile, they can also introduce themselves in the Huawei Germany community. However, they have to also provide the reasons and answers about the following-

  1. Which group, you want to participate in?
  2. Why you are the right person and why we should enable you to participate in the event?
  3. Your story and product experiences as Huawei fans – share photos of Huawei devices you own.

As I mentioned earlier, 30 applicants will be selected that will have intersecting facts, reasons, and background stories about their Huawei fandoms. If you are a little bit interested fill the application right now.

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Huawei launched Car Smart Scree Pro with 3K wide angle dual camera 



Huawei Zhixuan Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro released

Huawei is renowned for its invention in technology, such as a smart screen for automobiles. Yes! To make your journey entertaining, Huawei Zhixuan and DingDipai collaborated to develop a new species of HarmonyOS technology. The company successfully released Huawei Zhixuan Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro.

The Car Screen Pro featured smart technology that can gain your focus to update your car gadget to make it more attractive and digital. This new Huawei smart screen has a most attractive feature that you should be aware of:

  • Huawei HiCar desktop
  • The 3K ultra-wide-angle dual camera
  • Sound follows human movements

The HiCar desktop: The vital information is shown on one screen and is easily accessible with just one touch with the new HiCar desktop. The new desktop offers a variety of personalized universal cards in addition to home page split-screen display navigation:

  • Schedule a to-do list
  • Weather forecast
  • Ongoing application
  • Settings
  • Other items on the mobile phone can be generated automatically when the navigation task is launched

The 3K ultra-wide-angle dual camera: It let your give Ultra-clear driving record quality and the addition of built-in storage makes it more dependable and effective.

Huawei Camera

Sound follows human movements:  To prevent annoying the passengers in the car by playing the sound of the original car audio, the sound output device will automatically switch when the car owner removes their mobile phone and exits the car.

Huawei Smart Screen Car release

Additionally, the mobile phone’s location information can be sent to the car smart screen by shaking the device, according to the Pro version of the car smart screen.


Huawei Zhixuan Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro:

the newly released Huawei Zhixuan Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro has a simple and thin body with a clear integrated design. The “foreign body sensation” upon stepping inside the automobile is significantly diminished by the new car smart screen Pro.

The smart screen is equipped 8.9-inch 1920 x 720 screen, which is suitable for more than 85% of passenger cars, doesn’t obstruct the view, doesn’t mind bright lights, and has sharp picture details.

You can participate in the device public test through Huawei Mall, its price is 1799 Yuan at a discount of 200 Yuan. To be noted public test will end on October 4. So hurry to take this chance.

Huawei Zhixuan Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro released


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Huawei telecom technology is saving large power consumption





Huawei has long been in the internet equipment market and the Chinese tech maker is way ahead of its competitors. In that way, it helps other telecom companies to apply better solutions to provide better consumer-based services.

In the latest edition, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of XL Axiata, an Indonesian telecom company, said that Huawei’s network technology has helped to save up to 26% of power consumption in the entire system.

Yes, 26% is a lot of power saving and Huawei has surely impacted the business positively from different perspectives.

The CTO further informs that Huawei’s FDD smart 8T8R technology is efficient in terms of electrical use cases. The new tech is already installed in over 100 of 4G networks and may further increase in number in the near future.


As found, the telecom operator has thousands of base stations in Indonesia and It would be surely beneficial if the telecom company fully inherits Huawei’s equipment prowess.

Huawei’s tech:

The telecom equipment market is largely based on Huawei’s dominance because the Dell Oro Group report of 2021 reveals that Huawei alone occupies around 28% market share in the global telecom equipment market.

(via – CNMO)

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Huawei to sell 30 million smartphones this year, gain back the strength




Huawei Smartphone

In the past two years, Huawei has stayed out of the top smartphone sellers list but this year, the Chinese tech maker is likely to gain some footprint back in the market with the sell of 30 million smartphones.

According to the Chinese market researcher – Omdia, in the first and second quarters of 2022, Huawei phones’ shipments will be 5.6 million and 6.4 million respectively.

In the past situation, even with Huawei’s market fall, other phone makers have not been able to fill up Huawei’s place. Therefore, Huawei is likely to ramp up the entire fleet of production and could sell 30 million smartphones this year.

Huawei Mate 50:

The new sales surge will happen with the help of the Huawei Mate 50 series and the lineup continues to increase its sales count among Chinese consumers.


Launched Earlier this month, the Huawei Mate 50 series is quite popular in the homeland and Huawei continues to improve the production rate to meet market demand.

Huawei Mate 50 production


Huawei’s foldable phones are also doing a great job in the Chiense smartphone market, in which, the company has been leaping forward against its competitors.

In the first of 2022, Huawei held 64.6 percent shares, followed by Oppo with 18.3 percent, and Samsung comes third with 9.3 percent shares.

Industry experts say that Huawei must retain the pace and make it better in the high-end or flagship category. The experts also mentioned that the Chinese tech maker should further make head-to-head competition with Apple.


Yes! Comparing both firms in the current scenario will not be good but Huawei should further influence the market and make new roots of growth.

Still, Huawei could make a big comeback in the smartphone industry and China will be a market to reclaim and reconquer.

The road ahead could be difficult but it’s not impossible as Huawei is preparing for next year’s launches that will bring us a bunch of new products and smartphones.

(via – Mydrivers)

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