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Apple is still using 480Hz screen in iPhone: Honor attacks



After the launch of the Honor 90 series, Honor CEO, Zhao Ming has criticized Apple for still using 480Hz PWM dimming screen in iPhones. As we move forward, this criticism may fit into the argument, of which, the Honor Chief was talking about.

Honor 90 series comes with a 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming zero-risk eye protection screen. Therefore, Honor announced it as the most eye-protecting OLED screen phone in the industry.

Zhao Ming mentioned that PWM dimming is more than just a feature. In order to create a 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming screen, Honor has a dedicated screen module production line in the Shenzhen laboratory. The lab conducted required verifications on future technologies such as high-frequency PWM dimming.

He said that Honor has cooperated with industry partners to bring it with the latest devices. He also praised the brand’s new capability to develop fresh tech for consumers.


The Honor CEO criticized that Apple is still using 480Hz screen in iPhone. He also noted that other phones are using 960Hz and some are on 1440Hz while signifying that Honor has already achieved 1920Hz and 2160Hz.

The closer to the high-frequency dimming frequency, the further away from the high-risk area and the medium-risk area. When 3125Hz enters the zero-risk zone, the cost will increase, but from the perspective of Honor, the advantages brought by this are very obvious.

He also urged people to compare Honor 90 Series with iPhones and check the differences. Yes, high PWM dimming makes some changes in viewing and helps to reduce eye fatigue, which is a good innovation by Honor.

Honor 90 series is a 6.7-inch along with the first-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 chipset. The front side of the phone has a front-facing 50MP photorealistic lens. The rear panel consists of 200MP main camera, an independent depth-of-field lens, and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle + Macro shot. The phone offers a 5000mAh battery and supports 66W super fast charging.


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