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Android launches AI Wallpaper feature



Android AI wallpapers

AI is overtaking the tech industry and there are various chatbots making headlines. Adding to this, now AI is entering smartphones in a more graphical way with new Android AI wallpaper. This is the newest approach for smartphones and quite an interesting one.

The concept of this new feature is based on generative artificial intelligence. For example, OpenAI’s Dall-E is a generative AI technology. It enables users to create new images with text to graphics prompts. In the background, Dall-E is a neural network that could generate new images in any number of different styles based on the input from a user.

In Android’s section, Google is using the text-to-image diffusion model. This combination generates unique wallpapers for you to choose from. Once generated, the Material You adds an extra touch of refinement by generating adaptive color palettes.

Bringing such functionality to Android smartphones as a part of the operating system is a bold move. Why Android is getting this feature?

With the growing trend of new smartphone features and continuous customizations, Android has preferred this new option as a trendsetter. In simple words, this will provide a brand new array of possibilities for them to make their own wallpaper anytime.

Android AI wallpaper:

The use case of this feature is easy. Open up the new “More wallpapers” option under Wallpaper & Style menu in the settings. This section now has a “With AI” feature to create a wallpaper using AI.

Android AI wallpapers

There are several pre-set themes to choose from. For example, a Classic theme will suggest you mix up classic art styles together. However, you can blend in more with suggested on-screen prompts.

Android AI wallpapers

Once selected, the user will have to press the “Create wallpaper” button to create a new wallpaper. Moreover, this will create several variations of the article theme. Specifically, it creates at least 8 variations of the AI wallpaper.

Android AI wallpapers

That’s not it, you can still randomize these newly create wallpapers with a tap on the “Randomize” button on the bottom of the screen.


The feature is just announced by Google it is likely to land on devices with Android 14 final release.


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